A space for meetings outside the office
Where you need it
When you need

HushSpace is a private, rentable space for your next meeting outside the office.
Available in shopping centers and cafes.
To make working out of the office easier than ever.

HushSpace - a quiet place to work

Lockable, acoustic cabins for comfortable meetings of up to 4 people.

App with intuitive e-booking and secure mobile payment.

HushSpace gives you the freedom and flexibility to work and shop in one location

  • Meetings

    Conduct your meeting in a smaller group - or recruitment interview in a private but informal environment.

  • Work

    Enjoy deep focus in a new workspace.

  • Recruitment interview

    Take a phone call or hold a videoconference while on the move.

The revolution of meetings in the city

30% of big-city-dwellers want workspaces in their mall.

HushSpace answers this need.


Reserve your hushSpace only when you need it - no contracts, obligations, or unnecessary expenses.


Get your cabin quickly, easily, and intuitively. The hushSpace app is all you need.

Privacy and silence

Thanks to high acoustic parameters, everyone in your meeting can focus, even in loud, crowded shopping malls. 


HushSpace can be found at every key point in your city, from shopping malls to coffeehouses (any spot with ample parking).


We are looking for the best locations across Poland


al. Jana Pawła II 82,
00-175 Warszawa


Galeria Krakowska
Pawia 5,
31-154 Kraków


Drewnowska 58,
91-002 Łódź


Galeria Klif
al. Zwycięstwa 256,


Galeria Malta
Maltańska 1,
61-131 Poznań


Sucha 1,
50-086 Wrocław